Treatment for Shoulder Pain in Lone Tree, CO

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in the body. This makes it well suited for the wide range of activities we do – carrying, throwing, pushing, reaching, etc. But this mobility is in a delicate balance with ligament and muscular control to keep the shoulder safe and stable. When this balance is upset by injury or overuse, a wide range of problems can occur. Impingement syndromes, arthritic and degenerative change, tendinitis (or more accurately, “tendinosis”), labral tears, and instabilities are a few examples.

All shoulder conditions will require rehabilitation. Most shoulder problems can be treated completely at The Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine in Lone Tree, CO without surgery. A combination of muscle work, stretching, treatments such as dry needling, and a focused coordination and strengthening active rehabilitation program is used. Some shoulder problems do require surgery. Sometimes a big arthritic spur or torn cartilage or tendon can only be surgically repaired. We work with these people before surgery for “pre-habilitation” so they go into surgery as strong as possible and with as few symptoms as possible. After surgery, we’ll start your rehabilitation to improve swelling and pain then transition to stretching and exercise as you improve.

Your treatment begins with accurately identifying all components of a shoulder pain syndrome. After complete diagnosis, our goal is two-fold: restore that delicate mobility-muscular balance and return you to your important activities. Through rehabilitation, in-clinic and home exercise, mobilizations and therapies where appropriate, and crossover interventions we’ll work together with you to help you get the best possible results for your shoulder pain. If you have a shoulder issue — whether an acute, recent injury or a chronic one — we’re here to help! Call the Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine in Lone Tree to schedule an appointment. **Call: (303) 290-8342.