Treatment for Herniated and Degenerated Discs in Lone Tree, CO

Most disc conditions respond well to conservative chiropractic care, spinal rehabilitation, and regular home exercise. Those that don’t require more advanced therapy. If you have failed physical therapy, medications and/or traditional chiropractic care but you are not ready for spinal injections or surgery, we offer a reasonable, affordable and ethically-applied alternative: Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. And we use the best technology available for this: the DRX 9000®.

Only in cases where our patients do not respond to simple, conservative measures do we incorporate the DRX 9000®. We are one of the most experienced clinics in Colorado using this technology, and we now provide this service using the DRX 9000® at a fraction of the cost of other clinics in Colorado — only $85 per session!! No hype. No sales pitch. No large pre-payments or burdensome financing.

We utilize this trusted approach to non-surgical spinal decompression so you can relax and consider all the treatment options available to you without any pressure, and feel empowered to make an educated decision about your next step. The DRX 9000® may encourage changes within your intervertebral disc to help initiate relief of symptoms that you have not experienced with other therapies to date. Many of our patients experience the elimination of sciatic pain, buttock pain and back pain, or the total resolution of their neck and arm pain, through this form of therapy.

If your condition or your clinical history indicate that you require more invasive procedures such as injections or surgery, we are well- equipped to provide guidance to the best specialists in the Rocky Mountain Region. Surgery is, of course, an option for you — and we have the knowledge and resources to help you understand what procedure(s) you might expect to be offered. But for us, surgery for low back or neck disc herniations is usually best as a last resort. (There are exceptions, of course.)

The best way to get started is to see us for a complete history and examination. Once you’ve met with us you’ll have a very clear picture of the direction you need to go, and about the options that are available to you now. It might be that you have several potentially effective approaches to consider. In any case, you’ll experience no pressure, sales or hype. Just service and genuine concern for your health! For more information contact the Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine in Lone Tree, CO at (303) 290-8342.