If you have foot or ankle pain with walking or running, the question to ask is: “is it a problem from the bottom up, or from the top down?” Or, could it be some of both?

With our passion and commitment to natural performance enhancement our doctors of chiropractic sports medicineIs test 3 key areas:

1. your running technique, to determine if you need a little coaching to correct a technical problem (which, in our experience, is quite common!)

2. your body’s structure with standing, walking and running,  to see if you require a biomechanical correction

3. your musculoskeletal balance (strength, flexibility, endurance, joint range of motion, or a muscle balance) to determine what specific corrective exercises you need

We use evidence-based screening examinations to identify your body’s imbalances and muscle length-strength deficits in painstaking detail. Then we work with you to correct those imbalances, prescribing convenient but highly specific exercises you’ll perform 6 days per week.  Soon you’ll be performing pain-free and get faster, stronger and more flexible in the process.  In short, you’ll be a better athlete capable of a higher level of performance, with less susceptibility to injury.

For precise ankle and foot injury diagnosis we often used advanced diagnostic ultrasound imaging, or Sports Ultrasound.

Foot and ankle injuries may respond best to Graston Technique®, dry needling, or rehabilitation on our Alter G Antigravity Treadmill. A bone stress reaction, stress fracture or fracture may heal faster with PEMF therapy. Whatever your needs, we have the advanced training and technology to get you back to competition (and life!) fast.  No other sports injury treatment center offers the unique mixture of evaluation, rehabilitation and home exercise protocols that we can provide for you. We’re serious about getting you physically active and back on track!

Dr. Carmichael and Dr. Seeman are leaders in chiropractic sports medicine and have advanced training in running, jump-landing, and throwing biomechanics, sports injury rehabilitation and custom orthotic foot therapy. We are pleased to offer the most light weight, affordable and quickly adjustable footbeds / foot orthotics available anywhere in the world.

Discover why high level athletes in multiple sports derive so much benefit from regular care at The Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine:

While certainly not a panacea, custom orthotics are useful in certain cases where a permanent structural or biomechanical correction is needed.  The custom orthotics we produce have been used by athletes all over the world, including elite runners, professional tennis players, and Olympic athletes. Our orthotics have stood the test of time in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable. For more information contact the Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine in Lone Tree, CO at (303) 290-8342.