You deserve diagnostic expertise for pain management

Excellent pain management requires the highest diagnostic expertise

Center for Spine’s award-winning care is effective if you are suffering from back and neck injury in Lone Tree, CO. We have the tools to help you get the most rapid, lasting pain relief possible!

 Patients Prefer Our Methods

In a recent survey of 45,601 Consumer Reports subscribers, hands-on treatments such as chiropractic and deep tissue massage dominated the lists of helpful alternative treatments for back pain, neck pain and osteoarthritis. A total of 30,332 survey respondents overwhelmingly indicated manual medicine and manipulative therapy to be more effective for back pain and neck pain than any other treatment, including over-the-counter medication, prescription medication and up to 17 other alternative therapies.


Ironically, only 36% of respondents had used chiropractic, whereas 38% tried prescription medication and 58% tried over-the-counter medication. The drug companies have done a great job marketing, haven’t they? At The Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine in Lone Tree we are dreaming of the day where the best therapies for back and neck injury in Lone Tree, CO are used the most. We think evidence suggests that an approach that includes skilled, evidence-based chiropractic care and rehabilitation medicine works best.  So we will keep educating!

 Always Our Goal: Fast Results Without Long Programs!

Most back, neck and headache pain resolves on its own in a month or two. However, when the pain is not resolving– or when it is getting worse or you’re needing immediate relief– it is to your benefit to seek out skilled manipulative therapy now, not later for pain management in Lone Tree, CO. If you are having progressive weakness, numbness, a change in bowel or bladder function, or leg muscle atrophy, don’t wait to contact us.  Call now: (303) 290-8342, or request an appointment right here, online.

Further, if you are experiencing back or neck pain associated with recent trauma you should be examined right away to expedite an accurate diagnosis and a faster recovery.  Our multi-specialty clinic will competently provide that to you.

 We Have the Diagnostic Expertise to Uncover Pesky Perpetuating Factors to Your Pain

A sports injury, a car accident, sleeping wrong, hormonal imbalances or structural spinal problems can cause or perpetuate your back pain, neck pain or chronic headaches. We specialize in diagnosing and treatment of back and neck injury in Lone Tree, CO.

Often the solution is as easy as making a simple correction to the spinal joints or posture to alleviate the muscle tension causing the pain. You may require massage, acupuncture, or a specific stretching regimen combined with cardiovascular exercise. Or you require simple techniques to overcome ischemic tension myalgia, myofascial trigger points, or an underlying jaw (TMJ) problem.  When necessary we may recommend homeopathic trigger point injections to help you get your life back faster. You may discover that our specialized rehabilitative exercise protocols are just the thing you need to overcome your pain completely. For example, a forward head posture can perpetuate neck muscle tension and pain. Postural exercises that strengthen the neck muscles and pull the shoulders into alignment afford lasting relief of chronic headache pain that medications could not touch.

Whatever the cause in your case, the starting point is a complete examination and a correct diagnosis. Our award-winning pain management in Lone Tree, CO is effective because we have the tools to help you get the most rapid, lasting pain relief possible! For more information and to schedule an appointment call the Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine in Lone Tree, CO at (303) 290-8342.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to making a complete recovery from an injury or when undergoing chronic pain management in Lone Tree, CO, you deserve treatment from a team that’s committed to your progress. Center for Spine provides just that by implementing a multidisciplinary approach as needed.

Dr C and Dr. Jon review sports ultrasound

Drs. Carmichael and Seeman reviewing Sports Ultrasound Image as part of their pain management protocols

As longtime sport medicine and rehabilitation specialists, we understand that there’s no “one size fits all” treatment for back, neck, and spine problems. That’s why we utilize a variety of different tools and techniques, depending on each patient’s needs. For example, though we specialize in chiropractic manipulations, not every person we treat may benefit from such treatment.

From headache treatments to back and neck injury adjustments, Center for Spine is your best bet for a personalized recovery plan. Reach out to our staff now to learn what we can do to increase your quality of life in a way that makes sense for your body and lifestyle.


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