Tribute to Chiropractor Jack LaLanne

I had the privilege of lecturing with Jack LaLanne in 2008. He was 94 years old. Before his 7:00 am presentation to a packed house of chiropractors in Long Beach, CA Jack and his lovely 88 yr-old wife Elaine had gone on a 1 hour walk on the beach together. It was awe-inspiring. Jack and Elaine’s lives are a testament to the power of consistent, regular physical activity to improve vitality and longevity — and to preserve the human brain!!

What most people don’t know: Jack was a licensed chiropractor. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. All of the fitness and nutrition he espoused are age-old, time-tested principles, all of which are taught within the chiropractic curriculum. You can scour YouTube and get a healthy dose of timeless fitness and nutrition advice from Dr. Jack.

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