Immediate Neck Pain Relief for NFL Pro Quarterback

Love it!

Aaron Rodgers’ kink-in-the-neck did not keep him from having a big day in September when he lead the Packers in a huge victory over the Redskins.

The problem:  Aaron woke up on Game Day with a massive kink in his neck.  (Has this ever happened to you?) What to do?  Chiropractic care!

Aaron, whose dad is a chiropractor, learned early on that he didn’t need to suffer with a stiff neck for very long.  Skilled, appropriate chiropractic manipulative therapy is the best, most specific remedy for the problem.  ESPN did not hide this fact in their reporting. Check it out!

Hats off to the sports chiropractors around the country are quietly at work, behind the scenes, doing great things to help athletes (yes, that includes YOU!) consistently perform at their best.  Not a lot of press, and very few of my colleagues care for the limelight.  But we love athletes of all ages and skill levels and feel blessed to be able to get the kinks out, like Aaron’s, and keep you in the game week-in, week-out, all year long.

~Dr. Carmichael

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