Epidemiological research continues to affirm the fact that nearly 95% of sports injuries as well as 80% of back and neck injuries are “mechanical” in nature.  So the likelihood is very high that you will benefit greatly from the highly skilled manual, “mechanically-based” therapies and rehabilitation we provide.

But what about the 20% of back and neck pain that is not mechanical/musculoskeletal in nature?  Or, even if it is mechanical, what if your clinical progress slows to a standstill — or never gets off the ground? Perhaps you can’t heal because you can’t get restful sleep.  You wake up with thigh or leg pain in the middle of the night, and it is just not going away. This is more than frustrating!

We’ve got good news — you’re in good hands. We have many, many tools at our disposal to help you.

Our non-surgical care is unsurpassed because we have advanced training and expertise in both spine and sports medicine.  Since we are not surgeons, we explore every other option first. We combine the best of chiropractic medicine with the best of soft tissue therapy, acupuncture and physical rehabilitation.

Our aim is not to manage your pain, but to fix it altogether. We are a spine pain and sports injury rehabilitation clinic. Our focus is on improving your ability to move and exert without pain.

There is significant advantage to an integrative approach that, when necessary, combines the best of science with treatment and rehabilitation care across several health care disciplines to reduce/eliminate your pain and disability, and speed your recovery.  We are committed to delivering the best care possible, and our approach to spine and sports injuries is absolutely unique in Colorado.