Dr. Carmichael (center) is privileged to spend some time with Dr. Andry Vleeming (left) and Dr. Antonio Stecco (right) in Manchester, England at an International Conference on Myofascial Pain, September 2011

Fascial manipulation is a leading edge form of manual therapy that identifies abnormal adhesions, or “densifications,” within perimuscular connective tissues. This tissue is called “fascia.” These densifications are present in EVERY athlete, and almost everyone with back pain and when allowed to persist, they can significantly reduce your ability to generate force and power with your muscles and tendons, hampering performance and leading to recurrent pain and/or injury. By eliminating these adhesions through fascial manipulation the force transmission returns to normal and pain rapidly resolves.

Pioneered by Italian physiotherapist Luigi Stecco and substantiated through groundbreaking anatomical research by his daughter, Carla Stecco, M.D. (an orthopedic surgeon) and Antonio Stecco, M.D. fascial manipulation is an entire system of treatment that has just recently been introduced in the United States. Results are rapid, and not infrequently amazing.

Fascial manipulation can produce rapid relief of athletic and spinal injuries including back and neck pain, headaches, iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fascitis and other running injuries, shoulder pain, and knee pain. Regardless of the cause of these (and many other) painful ailments, complete and lasting relief is hastened through the use of fascial manipulation.

Drs. Kern, Seeman and Carmichael incorporate the principles and techniques of fascial manipulation in their care, maximizing the performance of athletes, rapidly resolving pain and injury of all types, and helping to prevent recurrence of symptoms.