Orthotics are custom-crafted footbeds that fit inside your shoes. They correct imbalance, remove pain and help enable you to achieve peak performance through mechanical efficiency.

Our Training Sets Us Apart: Our clinical director, Dr. Joel P. Carmichael, DC spent 3 months of his hospital residency in St. Louis in the mid-1980’s with a world-renowned podiatric surgeon and foot biomechanics expert, Dr. Alan Jacobs, DPM. Dr. Jon Seeman, DC also trained extensively as an intern with an internationally-recognized orthotics expert, Dr. Ted Forcum, DC. During their post-graduate rotations Dr. Seeman and Dr. Carmichael gained an advanced biomechanical understanding of the foot and the correction of many disorders using corrective custom orthotics.

Dr. Seeman and Dr. Carmichael analyze gait as well as weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing positions of your subtalar joints. This ensures our Doctors get an accurate understanding of dynamic forces passing through your foot and lower extremity during weightbearing. Methods elsewhere may ask you stand in a foam box or lie down — neither of which adequately simulates normal, balanced weightbearing or gait.

The custom orthotics produced at The Center for Spine, Sport & Physical Medicine have been used by athletes all over the world, including elite runners, professional tennis players, and Olympic athletes. The fastest mile run in Colorado during competition by a High School athlete was run on a pair of racing orthotics we designed. Our orthotics fit like a glove and have stood the test of time in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable.

Here’s what one Olympic athlete had to say about her CSP orthotics:

“I had knee pain for six years… After using them for two days, my knee pain was completely gone.”

Custom orthotics may be critical for patients with chronic back pain, scoliosis, foot / knee / hip pain, and to produce peak performance in athletes involved in running or lifting sports. If your pain is worse when you’re up and about, custom orthotics may be the missing piece to your recovery.