Eggs: The New Spin (?) on Eggs and Cholesterol

We’ve been dissing eggs for decades.  I always knew better.  Why?  I used to collect freshly laid eggs from my grandma’s hen house, mere paces from her farm kitchen.  The eggs were warm.   She lived to be 95.


Much, much more will be written in the coming months about sustained health and longevity in this blog and related nutrition blogs I contribute to.

Human history records that, once-upon-a-time, “the world is flat” was the mantra.


Similarly, we can thank Ancel Keys for cherry-picking 7 countries for a graph out of the 22 countries available to him.   Applying the 7 countries to his graph, he “proved” to the world (by simply telling an untruth over and over and over again) that dietary fat causes heart disease. He was wrong.  It does not.  He entrenched firmly in our minds that eating cholesterol produces high blood levels of bad cholesterol.  This is also false.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE “TRUE TRUTH” ABOUT CHOLESTEROL — though the expert quoted is still speaking out of both sides of his mouth!

The fog of governmental wisdom on eating is about to evaporate, folks.  The heat of incontrovertible scientific fact — untarnished by politics, Big Food or Agribusiness, will soon burn it off.

I will be reporting on some new scientific discoveries that must be considered seriously before being dismissed … or accepted.  But first we must address your presuppositions.  Are you ready to act on what you learn?  Will you commit … or merely dabble?  This was at issue when Morpheus confronted Neo about the Matrix:


Blue: Choose NOT to eat like you mean it — the story ends.  You believe what you want and eat how you feel.  Bacon today. Vegan tomorrow.  Stay confused.

Red: Choose to eat like you mean it — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes… and this blog (and related links) gets interesting…

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